Topics Covered

Here's a sampling of some of the content and topics covered inside the Race Dynamics & Racism on Today’s Campus: Engaging the Community to Reduce Acts of Hate and Improve Cultural Competency Binder, CD & Digital Training Video...

An Introduction to Race Dynamics & Racism on Campus Today

  • Understand definitions – gather language to put everyone in the same “space”
  • Real-time racial dynamic issues ripped from recent headlines – engage these stories to change your campus culture
  • Reframe the conversation to focus on structures, bias, practices, stereotypes, policies and competencies – move the racial climate needle and build a climate for student success

Engage in Personal Race Dynamic Self-Work to Impact Change in Others

  • Engage in self-work, raise self-awareness and increase cultural competency
  • Develop cultural competency to connect and engage with students and others
  • Navigate challenging issues that impact race dynamics, perceptions and outcomes

Deepen Campus Community Members' Capacity to Respectfully Engage to Enhance Positive Outcomes

  • Facilitate conversations about race dynamics to move campus members forward
  • Address microaggressions, campus protests, class concerns and more in engaged, informed ways
  • In-class concerns – address racial dynamics in the classroom to create productive, positive discussions
  • Address critical incidents and civil unrest – prevention, action and reaction that promotes community healing and bonding
  • Work with undocumented students – focusing on equity and inclusion
  • Guide international students into inclusion and engagement for retention and success

Build Best Practices that Raise the Bar to Build Capacity Among Campus Community Members

  • Discover best practices from campuses across North America that will enable you to focus your campus on student success and engagement
  • Implement new capacity-building activities that will deliver positive outcomes and deepen your community's capacity to engage, respond and grow
  • Get pointed professional development programs that provide performance management tools, new ways to “train-the-trainer” and involve inclusion practitioners – shift the campus climate to help students succeed and achieve

Train Campus Constituents: A Toolbox of Resources and Materials to Build Training & Development that Will Change Campus Culture

  • Get vetted case studies and learn how to use them in different forums and formats
  • Implement assessment frameworks to track your institution's progress and see — with certainty — the change occurring
  • Identify areas where more focus is needed, leading you greater improvement
  • Employ ready-to-use activities, exercises, fact sheets, handouts, worksheets and more

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